Resume hairdresser stylist

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resume hairdresser stylist

Try our resume builder. Sample Hair Stylist Resume— See more templates and create your resume here. Writing a beginner hairdresser resume? You're more into cosmetology? How about guides to hundreds of other jobs? Take a look: Resume Examples for Every Career.

Start with the reverse-chronological layout. It adds highlights to your most recent accomplishments. Use white space, the best resume fontsand grabby headings to strobe your best features. Last, save it as a PDF. Hairstylist resumes in PDF format are machine readable. They hold like sculpting gel from one computer to the next. Pro Tip: Switching to the hairstylist world from another line of work? Try the combination resume format for your hairdresser resume.

It blends in transferable experience from other jobs. Not ready to make your hair stylist resume format permanent? Why worry about formatting if you can simply use a resume template for your hair stylist dream job.A high-quality CV is your key to getting your foot in the door at a company you are interested in working for.

Understanding how to format your CV as well as what information to include is vital for ensuring you present yourself as a professional in your field. The attached professional hair stylist cv template and the included guidelines for writing one help to ensure you are on the path to the career of your choice.

Use them to help you create your own well-written, standout CV. Ultimately, you need to opt for a sleek design that presents everything clearly on the page. From there, it moves onto the individual sections, with each section being clearly labeled at the top. A mix of paragraphs and bullet points helps keep things interesting. Our hair stylist CV sample is a stellar illustration of a high-quality curriculum vitae.

However, if you want to write your own first-class application, then you need to utilize our resume builder tool. It offers step-by-step instructions to help you create a CV in minutes.

One way to make your CV stand out is to tailor it to the specific job you want. Discuss experience and skills relevant to hair styling rather than put everything you have ever done on a couple pages. A CV is slightly different from a standard resume. You need to open with a summary statement, and from there, move onto your work experience, education, skill set, and hobbies. While hobbies generally do not go on a resume, they are more acceptable to list on a curriculum vitae, which is what the hair stylist CV sample has done.

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With the additional section, a CV will typically be longer than a resume, too. Hobbies come at the end of the hair stylist CV sample, and you should do the same on yours. While hobbies are typically not as important as work history or education, they can make you stand out from the other applicants.

resume hairdresser stylist

The trick here is to write about hobbies that emphasize skills that will help you in the job you want. For a hair stylist position, you can showcase your creative flair if you enjoy cooking or baking. If you do beauty or fashion blogging, that is great to include. You simply want to avoid hobbies that will not help you in your career, such as playing video games. You need to have a license to work as a hair stylist. The exact process for obtaining this license will vary by state, but generally, you need to graduate from a state-approved barber or cosmetology school.

When you have your license, you can list it in the education section of your CV, which is what our hair stylist CV sample does. It is crucial to explicitly mention it just in case the employer uses an Applicant Tracking System.

If your CV does not mention a license, then the employer may toss it out before actually looking at it. Job Summary Have you been styling hair since you were old enough to hold a hair brush and a Barbie at the same time?Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic.

Click here to read more. To style your own resume and get yourself the right hairstylist job, use the professional tips and resume examples on this page. Hair stylist with excellent education at the Aveda Institute and over a year apprenticeship at Peter Thomas salon seeking full-time position in a cutting-edge salon.

My speciality is balayage treatment and I have great cut and color skills that would be great assets to your salon. Need a professional template for your resume? This strong design creates a visual impact on first glance with its use of shaded sections and bold fonts. This template stands out thanks to elegant graphic elements and colored fonts that smoothly highlight section headings and job titles. This template is perfect for candidates across all sectors because of its straightforward layout, with section headings arranged along the left margin for easy reference.

For more free layouts for your resume formats, check out our resume templates page. Look to get an associate degree in Cosmetology from a state-approved school.

resume hairdresser stylist

You can also get licensed by attending an approved cosmetology program and passing a skills-assessment examination. Your license will help you start your own business, or apply for jobs seeking qualified and experienced individuals.

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You should also look into enrolling in specialized training courses and staying updated about techniques and trends, such as new braiding styles. Is it better to position yourself as a specialist or as someone who is competent in several activities? This positions you as someone with more range than other applicants, and makes you more attractive as a job candidate. Formatting your resume depends on your experience level, and what the job requires.

First-time job applicants should use a functional resume formatwhich focuses on skills rather than work history.

Hairstylist Resume Sample

For more senior jobs that require more than five years of experience, use the chronological formatwhich features an extensive work history section. Any confidential information from previous employers should also not be included. Finally, make sure that none of your personal info is in the resume.

For your contact information, all you need is a professional email address, and your city and state. Skip to content. Build My Resume. Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-class Hairstylist Resume. Summary Your summary statement should be concise and confident.Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic.

resume hairdresser stylist

Click here to read more. Hair stylists, including barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists, provide haircutting, hairstyling, hair coloring, and a range of other beauty services to their clients. Hair stylists work mostly in barbershops or salons, so when writing your resume, be sure to include any work experience in these settings.

Since physical stamina is important for hair stylists, be sure to mention that when listing your skills and qualifications. For more tips on giving your resume a new look, use our hair stylist resume example.

Here is some advice to help make the process a little easier:. Utilize social media. Depending on your comfort level with public information, social networking can be a vital tool in accessing employers and job openings. There are dozens of free and paid career networking sites at your fingertips. Broaden your focus. Consider switching industries to expand your options. Frequently, your experience and skills are transferable across multiple employment sectors, so do not limit your job search to one industry.

Prepare yourself for a long search. Finding the right career does not mean settling for the first job opportunity that arises. Take your time and wait for an opening that interests you. Take on temporary work. Pursue all potential leads. If you have discovered a promising position, actively follow up on it.

Employers notice when you are persistent in pursuing a new career.Are you seeking a new hairdresser position? With hundreds of other hairdressers and hairstylers daily looking for a new position, you need to make sure your resume stands out by being both informative and intriguing.

With a resume sample, you can start editing the file straight away, and you can copy the best elements and be at that intriguing level already with your resume! Create My Resume. Profile: 1 — 3 sentences giving a broad overview of your profession, years of experience, and specific areas of specialty. Languages: Optional- If you know how to speak multiple languages, include what languages you know and your level of proficiency.

This is especially important when looking for work in a cosmopolitan city. Employment History: Showcases your past places of employment and includes a list of your daily responsibilities. Server, Customer Service Agent, etc. If you have been in the industry for a while, only include your hairdressing experience. If you are new to hairdressing, go into detail about the topics covered.

If you are not new to hairdressing, you can list the name and location of the training. Depending on how long you have been a hairdresser, your resume should highlight different things.

For beginners, it is essential to go into detail about the day-to-day activities of your previous roles in the employment history section.

Daily responsibilities could include consulting with clients, cutting hair, and building ongoing relationships with patrons. You will also want to go into detail about the hairstyling techniques you are familiar with, in addition to the topics that you mastered at your cosmetology school. Instead, focus your resume on your time mentoring others, working with high-end clientele, winning long-term repeat business, or even a type of style or cut you excel at.

Your resume should also be written to the position and company you want to go work for. For example, if you are applying for a job at a well-known corporate salon, and have worked at a similar location, make sure to highlight that in your resume. If it is difficult to incorporate those things into your resume, you can also use your cover letter to tailor your application even more.

Whether you are just starting your hairdressing career, or are a seasoned veteran, employers are expecting you to be familiar with the basics. To make sure your resume is what employers are looking for, try incorporating these things:. As you become more advanced in your career, employers are also looking for you to know how to do the following things.

Senior hairdressers, try incorporating these into your resume:. Employers love hearing about numbers because it makes your previous experience sound more tangible. For instance:. Even more than technical skills, hairdressers require soft skills. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:. Never make your professional experience sound like a passive list of daily tasks.

Instead, help potential employers envision you performing the job by using these action verbs:. Click here learn how to write and download a hairdresser cover letter. What you can read in this article.

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Hairdresser Resume 7. Hairdresser Resume 8.Is your resume in need of a fresh look? To be a successful candidate for the leading hair stylist jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says you need to be a cut above average. For writing tips, view this sample resume for a hair stylist that Isaacs created below, or download the hair stylist resume template in Word.

And if you need more help, get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. Multicertified hairstylist with a passion for delivering hair artistry and service excellence exceeding client expectations. Blend creativity, vision and skill with strengths in achieving custom cut, color and design solutions meeting client needs and lifestyles.

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Savvy marketer, proven sales generator and builder of lasting relationships and loyal clientele. Successful working in value-priced franchises as well as luxury salons. Adhere to salon standards for cleanliness and guest service while seeking ways to improve the customer experience and bottom line.

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Hair Stylist Resume Example + Salaries, Writing tips and Information

Hair stylist resume sample View this sample resume for a hair stylist, or download the hair stylist resume template in Word. Related Articles. Browse articles by Find The Right Career Path.

Professional Development. Most Recent Hair Stylist Jobs. See More Hair Stylist Jobs.


Close Looking for the right fit? Sign up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience. Enter Your Email Address Warning goes here. Licensed Cosmetologist Georgia.If you want to find the best job as a hairstylist, your resume should highlight your talent as well as your creativity.

Our Hairstylist resume sample will guide you on how to create a resume which will stand out from the rest of the candidates. Hairstylists are artists; they can transform how you look by simply styling or arranging your hair into a work of art. It is true that how you wear your hair can change the way you look or the image you want to impress. It is a canvas which a hairstylist views through a different filter.

It takes more than just technical skill to become a successful hairstylist.

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You must have creativity, vision, and intuition. Marybeth S.

Hair Stylist Resume Examples [+Hairdresser Skills & Objective]

De Rossi. To build a successful career in the hairstyling industry and present innovative styles and designs that will influence trends and fashion. Duties and Responsibilities. If you want to be considered for the Hairstylist position, your resume must catch the eye of the employer.

Our Hairstylist resume sample immediately highlights your strengths as a hairstylist starting from your certification and through your various skills. Our Hairstylist job description and Hairstylist ideal job qualifications will give you ideas on what other employers may expect of their hairstylists. In addition to being an artist, a hairstylist must be a sociable person with an excellent disposition. The workload of a hairstylist can be unpredictable.

There are days where you could find yourself styling one client after the other. And these days can drag into weeks if you are an in-demand hairstylist.

It can be a physically demanding job where you may be on your feet almost the entire day. You should have the endurance to maintain focus on every client as each one will have their individual styles and preferences.

You first client may want a re-bond done on her hair while the next one would want a perm. The fifth client may want purple highlights while the 6 th would prefer jet black.

In between, you may be trimming, cutting, shampooing, shaving or trying out a new style. You would not want to get mixed up with the demands of your clients! And each client is a unique personality. As the hairstylist, you should be able to get along with all the different personalities that make up your clientele. When fatigue starts to set in, your patience may start to wane. Similar to a barber or a bartender, if you want to succeed in maintaining your clientele, understand that socialization is part of hairstyling.

This is part of the job. You may also be asked to be part of a hairstyling team that has been contracted for a major fashion show. Models have to be on the runway according to schedule and they go through many hairstyles in a show.